Consulting with Dairy Margin Tracker

The Client

Dairy Margin Tracker is a growing software product built upon more than twenty years of experience in dairy farm consulting. Using lab results from the milk processor, Dairy Margin Tracker breaks a farm's daily production down into gross pounds of values components, such as butterfat and protein. The principle benefit for their customer is a quick and easy daily snapshop of how their dairy farm is performing.

The Problem

The data coming from the dairy labs was not always consistent. In some cases, data was missing, in others, the data was collected daily at some points and every other day at others. The end result was a graph that was not legible and of no real use to the customer.

Additionally, there were other issues with connectivity, security, and design that utmsoft was contracted to help with.

The Solution

Working with Dairy Margin Tracker's developer, utmsoft consulted on the security and connectivity issues, helping to answer questions that allowed Dairy Margin Tracker to implement solutions to the problems.

With the graph data, utmsoft put multiple view model classes in place so that the data could be better manipulated using Linq, and built algorithms that smoothed out the data issues. The resulting graphs allowed Dairy Margin tracker to present data to their clients with confidence.

The Final Word

I'm happy with the headway the project made in the last week. The improvements your expertise has brought are excellent – your data integrity checks have made the charts far more intelligible than before, and I believe they're ready to be presented to a couple of customers.

In the future, when we plan out another round of project improvements, I would be happy to work with you again if you're available.

-Keegan Bean, Developer, Dairy Margin Tracker

Update: We've continued to work with Dairy Margin Tracker over the last year and have made numerous improvements, reports, and updates for them.