Building the Feed Tool

The Client

Dairy Margin Tracker is a growing software product built upon more than twenty years of experience in dairy farm consulting. Using lab results from the milk processor, Dairy Margin Tracker breaks a farm's daily production down into gross pounds of values components, such as butterfat and protein. The principle benefit for their customer is a quick and easy daily snapshop of how their dairy farm is performing.

The Problem

It took a lot of busywork for an employee at Dairy Margin Tracker to enter data about feed costs on a daily basis.

I went looking for a solution to replace a substantial amount of busy work that had to be done regularly. We ended up not only replacing the daily "busy work", but made on farm feed adjustments easier for our clients, provided daily feed use reports, and replaced paper and clipboards with a tool that can be accessed from a smartphone. There was no downside.

-Kelly Bean, Owner, Dairy Margin Tracker

The Solution

Working with Dairy Margin Tracker’s idea, utmsoft crafted an online tool that allows pens, ingredients, recipes, and feedings to be created by Dairy Margin Tracker, the farm manager, and farm employees.

The new tool removes busywork from Dairy Margin Tracker, gives farms full control over their data, and gives them a new tool to help ensure the accuracy of what their herd is being fed.

The website is mobile responsive through its use of Bootstrap. It’s an MVC website built in C# with a SQL server backend. The app is hosted with Microsoft Azure.

The Final Word

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out this video that shows off the feed tool and how it has impacted farms.

I came to utmsoft with a couple of screen shots and an idea. Aaron took these, and along with many e-mails back and forth, turned out a software solution that does everything we asked. This was accomplished while meeting both time and budget constraints. Very satisfied with the whole project.

-Kelly Bean, Owner, Dairy Margin Tracker