GridCard - A New Take on Fantasy Sports

What is GridCard?

We partnered with a local sports enthusiast to build GridCard. For the last 20 years, our partner and his friends have played and perfected an offline version of GridCard.

GridCard is a new way to play fantasy sports. Combining confidence bets, parlay cards, and a weekly fantasy game, players choose winners against the spread on 23 matchups each week. But the fun does not stop there. The real fun comes late on a random Tuesday, when you suddenly find yourself with 9 points on the line for a Houston Rocket vs Utah Jazz basketball game where the line is Utah +7 and though they're losing, they're right on the line. 

Having built and played this game weekly since the start of 2018, we've been up yelling at the TV for more games in more different sports for more random teams we don't care about, than we've ever done before. It brings a ton of fun to a week full of sports you typically wouldn't pay attention to. 

What Custom .NET Development did we do?

With our partner's game and our problem solving for the web, we've built and expanded upon the GridCard idea to create a mobile-friendly, web app built with C#, MVC, and SQL Server on Azure.

With leaderboards, stats, matchups, achievements, automated twitter posts, second screen conversations, and a lot more things planned, GridCard is a fully realized web game that showcases all of our programming and marketing knowledge. 

Join GridCard for free today, and jump into the next game. Picks open every Thursday at Noon EST and a new week starts Saturday at Noon EST.