Refresh and Rebuild

The Client

SelfLube is the leading U.S. manufacturer of precision mold and die components. They make both conventional and self-lubricating components in both inch and metric sizes. Their product line consists of more than 10,000 standard part numbers.

The Problem

With an active website ( that was showing its decade-old age, SelfLube wanted to modernize their website and their online catalog functionality.

The main issues to address were

  • A more modern, clean look
  • Support for mobile users
  • Keep or improve current functionality in the online quote and catalog
  • Ability to create and edit pages and blog posts, as well as fully control the online catalog

The Solution

Under the Mountain Software presented SelfLube with a comprehensive solution that checked all of their boxes, improved some issues that they didn’t know could be fixed, and set them up for another decade of solid tech.

Modern, Clean Look and Mobile Support

While we aren’t a design shop, we do have the ability to create a clean, easy-to-use, responsive website. Using a pre-built Bootswatch theme built on Bootstrap, we had a great canvas that already included 90% of what we needed. Adjusting colors, adding some great header images, and adjusting the layout of their custom functionality to shine on mobile was all we needed to get it the rest of the way.

The Old Site

The Old Mobile Site

The New Site