Initial Development of SuppliCore

The Client

Under the Mountain Software was brought in to help bring a new product to life for a successful Grand Rapids, MI company. TrackCore, Inc., formerly LPIT Solutions, Inc., a healthcare software company, has a suite of products designed for tissue and implant tracking in the hospital.

The Problem

The company decided to expand their current offering while still giving the necessary time and attention to TrackCore Operating Room, their flagship product. Under the Mountain Software was brought in to create an HTML prototype of a new system based on functional specifications provided by the client.

The Solution

The new software, SuppliCore, is marketed to tissue and implant vendors instead of the hospital market, which made it a significant undertaking.

We built SuppliCore from scratch using a Bootstrap based frontend, a C# MVC architecture, and a few DevExpress grids thrown in for good measure.

We then used WebAPI, nHibernate, SQL Server, and C# to build a new service layer to facilitate system interoperability.

Finally, we used DevExpress, nHibernate and C# to create a workflow-based notification system designed to provide alerts regarding data validation exceptions.

The project took six months of hard work. During that time, we worked closely with both the client's leadership and developers to ensure the work we were doing would solve the problem for their customers.


We thoroughly enjoyed working alongside a growing and dynamic team based in our hometown of Grand Rapids. Under the Mountain Software is excited about the work TrackCore is doing in the healthcare industry, and we hope they keep up the momentum.

Visit TrackCore to learn more.

From TrackCore

Under the Mountain Software was able to quickly put together a team that had the skill-sets we needed to successfully complete our project, and they integrated well with our in-house development team, which made them a pleasure to work with.

James Casavant, COO and CTO